11 Ways to be the Social Butterfly in Your Friend Group

Each person in the group has a personality and a role to play. It’s the synergy of your personalities together that make the group more fun. There’s the mom friend, the person who is always ready with emergency supplies and a shoulder to lean on. There’s the insider friend, the person who always knows what’s happening around the city. There’s also the introvert friend, the person who is there from time to time–and that’s enough.

What’s your personality in the group? If you’ve felt like you don’t fit the typical friend types, maybe you’re a social butterfly just waiting to get out of your cocoon. Here are some tips to guide you in your metamorphosis:

<h3>Put Yourself Out There</h3>

This is the first and most important tip of all because if you’re not ready to be out there, you will never be a social butterfly. These kinds of people are known for their adventurous and outgoing nature, and wherever they go, they tend to attract attention. Use your body language to convey your openness instead of closing yourself off to new opportunities. It also helps you hype yourself up in the mirror every morning so that you will not feel too conscious of what other people think of you.

<h3>Dress the Part, but Don’t Overdo It</h3>


You want to look your best, but there’s a fine line between being well-dressed and being over the top. Instead of throwing on layers of branded clothing to look more expensive, focus on the basics and use the face primer bought online together with your most trusted lipstick. When you’re going out for a night of partying, it’s not the best idea to experiment with makeup that can’t keep up. The last thing you want is to have raccoon eyes and lip smudges everywhere. A simple but impactful outfit paired with a look that can last all night looks miles better than a dramatic and exaggerated look.

<h3>Introduce People to Each Other</h3>

Social butterflies are not just known for being the center of attention; they also have this magnetic personality that makes people want to talk to and about them. This will not happen if you’re in a roomful of strangers, so go ahead and introduce your different circles of friends to one another. Their common topic will be you, and eventually they will discover their similar interests. Does this mean the attention is away from you? Not exactly. If you’ve done your job as a social butterfly, you’ll be getting a bigger crowd around you because you’ve brought your friends together.

<h3>Disconnect from Time to Time</h3>


Living the life of a social butterfly sounds fun and thrilling, but even the most outgoing person also needs some downtime. You don’t have to be “always on” just because you’ve given yourself this role. Go out for a morning walk without your phone, or decompress at home with your pets and your favorite movies. No glamorous outfits needed. After you’ve had that time to yourself, you can be back to your social ways with even more energy!

It’s fun to be out with friends and surrounded by the finest things. If this sounds like the life you want, now is the time to work towards it.

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