About the culture and modern hanbok dress

culture and modern hanbok dress

There are many ways to understand about the culture when we love to travel, we eat food, we visit many places that have a historical landmark and there are some people who like to interact with the local people. You can learn one’s culture through traditional fashion and fashion stores and websites are everywhere. You can get any dress according to your preference. But as you will see that it doesn’t matter from where a person came but they always wear traditional outfits. As per the history of korean hanbok, you will get to know the variations of the dresses from years to years and in every dynasty, a new kind of style is followed which has a little difference. You can also buy this traditional hanbok from many websites and one of the best in Korean me in the site where you will find a different kind of patterns, styles and colours according to your choices. You will see a different kind of dress which is worn on different occasions. You will get a customized hanbok which will perfectly fit you and you will like this dress a lot.

What is modern hanbok?

You may have seen this dress on your social media feeds, in pictures of your favourite Korean as well as non-Korean celebrities. If you have seen this then you have also noticed a modern hanbok too. This style is basically mixed with the western and many other cultural fashion influences. It varies from traditional in terms of silhouette, skirt and pants length. People who always like to wear this feel more freedom in wearing in a mix-and-match style and never stick to the conventional ways of dressing. As traditional hanbok is usually worn on holidays, and celebrations like marriage, birthdays and festivals. But the modern one is worn daily.

Some examples of modern hanbok

  1. New hanbok patterns

It is basic elements of nature but they were primarily reserved for the royal or noble clothing. If you have watched any type of historical drama then you have noticed that the kings, prince and princess all like to wear hanbok of rick jewel stones.

  1. New hanbok colours

As with the help of new technology, colours and dye of various kinds have been introduced. In early time, korean hanbok was made through an intricate process by artisans who always hand-dyed the fabrics. But now the designers have much more knowledge with the proper technology and freedom to infuse any variation of colour. As starting from the bold to electric to the subdued and modern. The modern hanbok gives a different look with the help of different colours which you can wear anytime.

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