Barbara Montalvo – Spring Summer Looks You Can’t Afford to Miss In 2020

If you are fond of fashion and style, it is obvious that you know it changes every year. 2020 saw the major fashion runways of the world in London, Milan, New York, and Paris bring in some cool spring-summer looks for the year. Some designs are fresh, whereas some are a blast from the past. So, if you wish to revamp your wardrobe and look super cool and comfortable in the hot and humid summer, read on below to know what to buy for a dashing spring summer wardrobe this year- 

Barbara Montalvo – Discover the latest trends with an expert 

Barbara Montalvo is an esteemed fashion blogger based in New York. She is well-known for her high end and street style fashion collection. She says that if you regularly follow fashion shows every year, you will notice that designers have accentuated the brassiere this year. Last year, the thong dominated the fashion runways for spring and summer; however, this year, prominent designers have shifted towards the detailed bra that stands out in most dresses. JW Anderson, Christopher Kane, and Mark Fast came out with stunning sequin and bandeau designs that dominated the major fashion runways this year.

Puffed sleeves were the talk of the town 

Though fashion experts saw this trend last year, it was carried through this year as well. The puff is focused on the shoulder more and less down the arm. This is a style that you cannot miss if you wish to hit the roads in 2020. Prepare for them physically and mentally. Check out the dresses with puffed sleeves designed by Zimmerman, Richard Quinn, and Huishan Zhang this year. 

Wrapped ankles 

If you are fond of high street fashion and love straps around your trousers, 2020 will not disappoint you. This year, you will find shoes with straps that go around your ankles. This will be an integral part of high street fashion. If you are fond of straps, make sure you get a few pairs to grab attention and invite praises for your style. Prominent designers that worked on the ankle straps this year are Toga, JW Anderson, and Charlotte Knowles.


Drawstrings are everywhere this year. You will find them in shorts, jackets, pants and more. Designers like Supriya Lele, Ashish, and 3.1 Philip Lim have worked on some great designs to make you look cool and feel comfortable this summer.

Metallic leather 

Metallic hues ruled the fashion runways this year, and they were everywhere from trench coats to bags. Toga, Coach, and JW Anderson created some eye stunning outfits to be worn this year. However, fashion experts state you should make sure the rest of this look is muted to get the optimal look.

When it comes to the 2020 spring and summer trends for the year, sheer layers will make a prominent appearance. You will get a risqué and aesthetic look if you pair the fabrics correctly. For fashion ideas, you should visit the site of Barbara Montalvo to get inspiration for this year. She has listed the major trends for women of all ages, so you surely will find something trendy that will make you feel confident and glamorously cool all through spring and summer with success! 

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