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Parties, birthdays, homecoming, marriages, New Year, any celebration has a place for cakes. The word itself makes us think about a celebration. Cake by definition is a sweet food made of sugar, flour, and other ingredients. A long time ago cake was just a modification of bread. Their main ingredients usually include flour, sugar, salt, egg, butter, or oil. No matter what the occasion is if it is a celebration then you need to get a cake. Here are some of the  best cakes in ludhiana

Some of the expensive cakes include;

  • 4 tier cream cake
  • 3 tier fondant truffle cake
  • Purple cascade
  • 3 tier chocolate cream cake
  • 3 tier cream truffle cake etc.

Now some of the low budget affordable cakes include

  • Chocolate truffle cream cake
  • Black forest cake
  • Red velvet fresh cream cake
  • Chocolate cream cake
  • Creamy vanilla fruit cake etc.

There are so many requirements for baking the best cake. The measures should be precise, do not over mix or under mix the batter, etc. since online shopping has become a thing ordering anything online is not hard. An online business whether large scale or small are now becoming popular. So ordering the best cakes in Ludhiana online isn’t a big deal. They also ensure the quality of the cake you are buying.

Occasions to order a cake

  • Birthday
  • Homecoming
  • Wedding
  • New-year
  • Marriage
  • Anniversary etc.

Cakes for certain occasions

While a truffle cake or a creamy vanilla fruit cake is the best for birthdays, a red velvet heart cake would do great for valentines. There is the glamorous wedding cake for a wedding and a New Year chocolate truffle cake for New Year. Cakes do not have any nutritional value. But the cake is the heart of any celebration. It increases the sweetness of the joy. People long time ago used to bake cakes but now all you need to do is give a call or order online and any of your favorite flavors arrive at your doorstep.

History of cakes

A long time ago cakes were only a mere modification for bread but now; as the time went by they are made with a wide range of preparations and ingredients. The basic ingredients of cake include flour, sugar, salt, egg, and butter, nuts, raisins, chocolate, etc are added for enhancing the taste. Moreover, the frosting is for the decoration and also helps its taste.

There are simpler versions of cakes such as butter cake made from the combination of butter, sugar, eggs, and flour and the sponge cake made from whipped eggs flour and sugar. Chocolate is the most favorite flavor that exists. Equally loved by the young and the old. Then there is the red velvet cake its taste measures up to its beauty.

Cakes give you the idea of something sweet and special therefore it makes the occasion much more important.


No matter what the occasion is, a cake makes it a celebration. So the next time you decide on celebrating something order the best cakes in Ludhiana

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