Ruby Vs. Pink Diamonds – Comparing The Two Precious Stones For Statement Jewellery

Comparing rubies against Pink diamonds is literally like the clash of the titans. These are two of the world’s most precious and rarest stones ever, known for their amazing colour palette and enchanting brilliance. These stones have a marked target audience amongst the fashion conscious and the elites who have started collecting both these stones as a mark of prestige and class. However, there are some distinct differences between the two, which can make for a very steep decision curve when you are choosing between buying a Ruby or a Pink diamond. If you are still confused, read on to understand which of these stones will be an ideal fit for your statement jewellery.

Comparing ruby and pink diamonds on colour stones

Colour grading is perhaps the most discerning factor when you are comparing rubies to pink diamonds. Ruby stones occur naturally in the range of dark reds where the colour tone might range from vivid reds to a purplish dark red that often shines purple in certain light angles. Pink diamonds, on the other hand, have a wider colour spectrum where they can range amongst the lightest shades of champagne pink, or the subtle rose pink to the darker purplish-pink shades. For pink diamonds, the darker the colour grades the more value the stone holds, given that the inclusions are a bare minimum throughout the range.

Comparing sparkle and shine for Ruby and Pink diamonds

The brilliance of coloured stones depends on their cut. Unlike the cut for colourless diamonds, pink diamonds need to be cut to enhance the colour brilliance and not just the shine of the stone. The Ruby, however, depends on the cut for its sparkle, since it lacks a certain lustre that is inherent for all coloured diamonds. Pink diamonds are also a bit higher in demand due to their natural lustre, which makes them an ideal choice for jewellery setting where the stone makes a bold statement against even simple metal inlay work.

Comparing the hardness of Ruby and pink diamonds

Diamond wins easily in this category, as they remain the hardest stone, regardless of their colour. Pink diamonds carry forward this quality even when they appear so ethereal in their beautiful soft colour palettes. Rubies, however, are not far behind, tagging a close second in the hardness meter. If the pink diamond ranks at a 10 in hardness, a Ruby is ranked at about 9. This quality is a measure of the stone’s scratch resistance against daily rough wear.

Comparing on clarity – Ruby vs. Pink Diamonds

Rubies are more prone to have inclusions, which can mar their clarity to a great extent. Pink diamonds without any inclusions can be found more commonly as compared to rubies. However, in both cases, stones with bare minimum inclusions are more affordable. In the case of rubies, some inclusions might actually reduce the durability and hardness of the stone.

Finally, once you have zeroed in on the stones you want to buy, compare them on the budget parameters to make sure that you finally buy the stones that are truly affordable to you. However, comparing them first on the above mentioned parameters will ensure that you do not compromise on any of the major qualities of the stone just to match your budget.

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