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Fashion, beat her blame. We always have problems when it comes to an important event in our lives. There are few situations where the question, “What do I wear, will wear the emotion and happiness of many moments that should be memorable. Well, we’ve prepared a complete guide to help you quickly and safely find the perfect dress, whether day or night. We also see what dress to wear depending on the season, the event, the silhouette, but also your personality.

  • What’s the difference between the elegant day dress and the evening dress
  • How we choose our dress according to the season

How do you choose your evening dress according to your personality?

How do you choose the dress according to your silhouette?

What’s the difference between the elegant day dress and the evening dress?

The day

Recognize the perfection of an elegant day dress according to two criteria: length and color. Our recommendation is to wear either skirt to the knee or the midi skirt. They are the most suitable lengths for an event where you have to wear an elegant dress during the day. You can also choose bright and pastel colors or different prints – from floral to animal print. For the klänningar till bröllop this is important.

The evening

Evening dress, on the other hand, may be long. And it’s even recommended. The most beautiful evening dresses are long dresses, with different cuts, in dark colors, with sequins and other such fireworks. You can dare to wear a deep cleavage both in front and back.

How we choose our dress according to the season

The season most often dictates our choices in clothes. So is the case for different events, where we choose the dress according to the season. So, if we think of spring-summer, we have some rules to consider. Of course, we apply the same algorithm for the autumn-winter season. Let’s see together how!

Spring-summer season

In spring you can opt for open, pastel colors for floral or nature-inspired prints. The best materials are the vapors, which let the skin breathe. The croiala should also be as light as possible to ensure comfort when values ​​increase in the thermometer. For a special event, she opts for a veil dress. It’s the ideal choice. For the JJ’s House this is essential.

Season autumn-winter

Once the cold season is installed, we will inevitably pass on the darker shades. We talk about emerald green, claret, purple, navy, shades of brown and black. We will choose different types of cloth, wool, cashmere and cutlery to go as close as possible to the body line to keep the heat warmer. If we are talking about a special event, velvet is the star material.

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