The reasons for renting a house in Poland

When the matter zeroes on buying a house in Poland then many people opt for the option of rent. This is because it is highly flexible and permits you to test the water prior to your making a decision to stay in this country forever. Now, if you have already decided, then you might find yourself wishing to have some kind of real estate and in this context, you have to know how it works for the foreigners who are in Poland.

Why would you buy a house or a flat?

People want to purchase a house in Poland because of some reasons which are mentioned below:

  • Prices – The price of Poland to income ratio happens to be 9.77 which ranks 34th in the global market. So, it proves that a house or a flat here is pretty affordable. In fact, it is better compared to that of Russia, France, or Hungary.
  • Stability – When you have your own place, then it means it is up to you how would you decorate or restore it. But, sometimes, it turns into a burden too and sometimes, it requires some extra care and attention.
  • Investment – You can invest your money in real estate in lieu of keeping it in a bank. This way, your property in Poland will be leased or rented. Again, you can do up your house well and wait for an opportunity to sell it with an added advantage.

Will you buy a house or a flat?

For a person who happens to be an émigré, it is easier to purchase an apartment in Poland in place of a house. For turning into a flat owner, you don’t require obtaining any special permits. Actually, you aren’t even required to live in this country for good. Now if you plan to stay in Poland permanently, then you must present a residence permit or a visa and this regulation is highly applicable when you make up your mind to buy a garage too!

To purchase a house in Poland you will require applying to the Polish Ministry for getting a special permit which would grant you the right for acquiring real estate. At times, there are some exceptions to this rule too. Amongst them, the most common ones are you don’t require the permit when you have been living in this country for 5+ years on the ground of long-term EU residency or permanent residency.

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