What Are the Various Treatments Offered to Pearls?

Though pearls are more often a product coming from nature, it is hard to control the beauty and colour of every pearl as we want. Hence, there are plenty of artificial methods used for changing or modifying appearance of the pearls.

Only with this way, the beautiful sides of any pearl can be brought to us. You may compare this with the process of jeweller, who cut a raw diamond to obtain a perfect diamond. To know few pearl treatments, you may click here!

1. Bleaching

Remove, lighten to make whiter and also alter from dark colour to light by means of certain physical or chemical agents or light. With this process you can make the colour look more even.

2. Buffing

It is required for removing organic residues from surfaces of cultured and natural pearls following harvest.

3. Polishing

Polishing techniques are applied to cultured and natural pearls for removing some surface blemishes to increase lustre.

4. Coating

An artificial substance layer is spread over the surface of pearl. It will aim to change pearls colour or improve pearl lustre. Good-quality pearls need not be coated to offer lustrous look.

5. Filling

People may fill the void by using an epoxy substance if pearl is bit hollow or has loose nucleus. The pearls will become more solid to improve their durability. With x-radiographs fillings is detected.

6. Irradiation

When light colour pearls are bombarded by gamma rays, irradiated pearls can achieve iridescent bluish or little greenish grey colour. This method may work quite well on any freshwater pearls and is used with dyeing.

7. Oiling

For improving pearl lustre oiling can also be used.

8. Dyeing

Any colour artificially caused by application of dying process to pearls is called dyeing. Dyeing process is often used for getting colourful pearls that people may want.

Dyed pearls cannot be called fakes, but can be obtained much easier than any pearls of natural colour. They can fulfil desires of people needed for special fashion in various occasions while costing less.

Due to very high price, only few people may afford a natural golden or black pearl. A treated pearl is surely a great invention and can fit different trends and taste.

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