What Style Of Jean Best Suits Your Shape?

Jean is a universally accepted garment which has gained importance due to its style and many other uses. It is one of the most comfortable and useful garments in one’s wardrobe. A single trouser lasts for years and looks great irrespective of different styles. Choosing the right designer jeans for women is quite important to buy the one fits well on your body type and which looks best on you.

First of all you need to identify your body shape to find your category so that it is easier to choose which jean cut is best for you. Let’s consider some common body shapes and types of jeans that suit them. Keep reading-

Pear-shaped body

If you have a small torso and wide hips, then dark mid-rise jeans will suit you. The straight or boot cut is perfect for you because they will divert your eyes to the hips. I recommend that you always have simple sewing and large back pockets.

For round or apple shape

Straight jeans can be a good option for this body type but don’t buy too-tight jeans. Decent cuts will look good. Avoid pockets or highlighted embroidery because they will draw attention to your hips. To look slim choose dark colors and unprinted patterns to hide the extra weight.

Short & Long Legs

The solution for short is high-waist pants. Avoid Bermuda shorts, oxford, and crops. Choose skinny jeans or a straight one so that your legs look slim. If you have long legs choose jeans with a low waist and flared model or one having 70s style. In summers you can choose to wear jeans with crop tops with ideal shoes is a great option.

For rectangle body shape

For the rectangle body, the medium shot is best because it will highlight the shape of your hips and cover the wide waist. Try a skinny jean, high or medium rise to look curvier. Small back or side pockets and studs or glitter make hips look bigger.

If you are a woman with above body-shape then style it according to that. Remember any jeans will fit you just find out how you want it to be styled, for example, tight-fitting will highlight your curves. If you want to balance your figure in good body shape try skinny fit jeans. To highlight your better-shaped body try to opt for stretch pants. Got the idea!

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