How can you choose the right stiletto boots for you?

There are various disadvantages of not wearing an uncomfortable high heel. So it is always important to buy the right stiletto boots for you. But how to know which boot is the right one for you? In this article, you will read about different ways of buying the right high heels for you:

  • Always choose the right size and fit– Different shoe brands have a different size so it is always advised to buy the shoes that will fit you perfectly. Measure the size of your feet before buying high heels because few extra pounds can make the size of the shoes larger. The stiletto boots should always hold your feet properly in place. 
  • Shop at the end of the day– It is always advised to buy shoes at the end of the day. This is because at the end of the day your feet tend to swell from daily activities. This will give you an idea about how the shoe will fit you during any times of the day. Never make an attempt to try shoes in the early morning!
  • Find shoes that have sufficient space for your toes– You should find the shoes that have enough space for your toes. Shoes which are not breathable and comfortable can cause pain and discomfort. Wearing shoes which do not have adequate space can cause several problems like Arthritis, corns, hammertoes etc. 
  • Use the try and buy method– Try and buy method means you should check the fitting of your shoes around the store. If you find them to loose, tight or uncomfortable while trying them out in the store, be sure that the shoes will not give you any comfort in the long run. Try walking around the stores with the shoes on to understand whether you are comfortable or not!
  • Practice walking at home before you go out with your heels on– This is applicable for all new shoes. Practice your new stilettos at home before you go out. You can easily return back the shoes if you haven’t used them for going out. Do not try to walk fast with high heels because higher the heels, shorter will be the steps. If you try it, there are high chances of getting hurt. Always keep your heels vertical while walking!

These are some of the best ways of choosing the right stiletto boots for you. Follow the above tips to buy the right one!

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