Smartwatches: Keep Your World Around Your Wrist

A watch that merely keeps time is not enough today. In a day and age when everything is high tech and perfectly suited to match a fast paced life, the humble wrist watch has been transformed into a gizmo that seems to be straight out of a James Bond film. Smartwatches are just what you need to stay on the move and always have access to the information that you need. The features in these watches are not just limited to smart functions but also keep up in terms of style and design that you need with this vital fashion accessory.

Michael Kors Dylan

Price: Rs.25.995

When it comes to keeping up with fashion trends, no one does it better than Michael Kors. Even with the new range of smart-watches what is most striking is the attention to detail in the design of each piece. The colorful, paneled silicone band in peppy colors have that sporty and youthful appeal, ideal for casual dressing. The soft touch screen dial operates like a breeze, allowing one to control several functions. The activity tracker is the easiest way to record the calories burned, the distance covered and the goals achieved through the day. The smartwatch is responsive to voice command as well and is fully equipped to receive various notifications such as emails, calls and more.

Fossil Q-Founder

Price: Rs.18995

Fossil Q-Founder Smartwatches come with a highly readable display screen. This touchscreen is extremely smooth, allowing simple navigation. Built in speakers and microphone are just what music lovers need, along with the option of controlling music through the player used on the smartphone. Activity trackers, sensors like compass and gyroscope, a 4GB Flash Memory and wireless charging are some of the highlights of this device. The design is extremely modern with a leather strap, complete with a stainless steel case and a simple, black dial.

Emporio Armani Connected

Price: Rs.29995

The Emporio Armani Connected Smartwatch series retain the classic chronograph design and combine it with cutting-edge technology. For those who love tradition in terms of design but also want modern functionality, this is the most obvious choice. What is best is that the design options and colors in this range are truly unique. From a vintage metal case and strap design to chic leather bodies, you have it all in this range. The touchscreen display helps control the different functions very easily. Multiple time zones, complete music control, mobile linking and app controlled features are just the beginning with this new-gen watch. The watch also comes with the most-needed activity tracker and provides email, text and call notifications. The long-lasting coin battery which can last up to 48 hours makes this watch even more apt for everyday use.

Casio Outdoor


Price: Rs.24995

For those who love the outdoors and adventure, there is no better brand than Casio. The smartwatches by Casio come with the classic sporty and sturdy design that is meant to stand the test of time. The steel and black PVD case used in the construction of this smartwatch can handle rough use quite easily. To keep track of all outdoor activities and to help navigate through possibly challenging conditions, this watch comes with a 24 hour indicator, a thermometer, altimeter, a digital compass and even a barometer. The watch is also water resistant up to 50m making it one of the most robust smartwatches out there.

Micheal Kors Sofie

Price: Rs.25995

Ideal for the new-age woman, this is a beautiful and elaborately designed smartwatch. The rose gold metal straps are subtle but complete the elite appeal of the watch. Studded with stones, the bezel lends the pizzazz that one would expect from trendy Micheal Kors designs. The detailing on the dial and on the rose gold metal straps is testimony to the careful planning of each element in the design of this watch. The touchscreen helps navigate through the endless functions and features of the watch. This watch is Bluetooth and Wi-fi enabled for maximum connectivity. Find your way through any situation thanks to Google Maps which is enabled on this device. Besides this, G-Sensors, activity monitors and the Gyroscope make it a complete modern smartwatch.  Plan every day to perfection with superior technology that comes with this watch.

Conclusion: For technology lovers, smartwatches are a must-have. Scheduling the day and monitoring each activity could not get easier than this. Of course, these watches don’t hold back on the design and actually give you a lot more options to keep your wrist looking chic and stylish at all times. Depending on the functionality expected from the watch, there is just about everything that one would need from a simple activity tracker to a complex one that is almost as good as a smartphone.

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