How To Easily Choose Spectacle Lenses?

Spectacle Lenses

For many, when they are asked by their ophthalmologist to start wearing corrective lenses, the overall time taken by them is pretty short. This hastiness leads to people choosing a pair of corrective lenses for their prescription sunglasses or eyeglasses, thus leading to them facing more problems with their vision in the near future.

Choosing the right pair of corrective lenses involves keeping a few things in mind. The following sections shed light on some –

It is best to avoid cheap lenses!

First of all –

While buying or simply shopping around for a pair of corrective lenses, one should not prioritize the price of the lenses and go for cheap ones.

Sure, some manufacturers sell corrective lenses with false claims that their product is on par with the more expensive products of their competitors.

That is not the case!

In the opinion of a senior optician associated with FreshForPandas – one of the leading manufacturers of spectacle lenses, good things don’t come cheap – especially when it comes to corrective lenses.

Hence, if one wants corrective lenses that would –

  • Protect their eyes from UV radiation
  • Won’t scratch when subjected to mild abrasives such as sand or dirt
  • Allow them to see clearly minus excess glare and
  • At the same time, would not break even in cases of accidental drops/impact – then they would need to pay more!

Outdoorsy individuals should go for transition lenses

Transition lenses otherwise known as photochromic glasses, quickly adapt to the changes in the lighting condition of its surroundings. In simple words, the lenses will be clear when the wearer is inside a building and will become dark, without affecting the vision of the wearer, when the person steps out into the sun.

This type of lenses is ideal for prescription sunglasses for people who lead an active life and love to participate in activities like –

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Trekking and the likes.

Transition lenses offer extensive UV as well as glare protection so; it is an important factor to consider when one is shopping around for that perfect pair of corrective lenses!

Choose lenses that block excess glare

Glare is the unnecessary glow coming from illuminated objects or shiny surfaces. This excess light is often intensified by lenses without anti-glare coating. This puts excessive strain on the muscles controlling the pupils of the wearer which further leads to –

  • Eye fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty seeing and
  • Squinting

Choose lenses that come with several layers of anti-glare coatings, for the best results.

Lenses should be thin, light and impact-resistant!

Now, if you are looking for lenses with the above-mentioned attributes then you should go for Trivex lenses. These lenses were first developed as a replacement material for helicopter and fighter jet windshields, way back in the early 2000s.

These lenses are ideal for people who don’t like wearing heavy eyeglasses. Furthermore, apart from having the USPs mentioned in the header of this section, Trivex lenses are also capable of blocking out UV rays and deliver clear vision to the wearer, irrespective of the light conditions!

One might have never thought that choosing a pair of lenses for their spectacles could be such a long and tiresome process. At the same time, they should keep in mind that a bit of diligence can help them choose the right lenses and benefit from the same in the long run. With that stated, one should go for an eye exam before they select lenses for their spectacles. An eye exam will reveal what type of material will suit their needs.

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