Taobao, the leading e-Commerce Site for Fashion in China

FULL Manual for SELLING ON TAOBAO (Outsider Dealers OR Private ventures)

You need to open a Taobao store and sell on Taobao your items, and you find it isn’t that simple, yet we can support you. Full control for outsiders, entrepreneurs.

Taobao isn’t the stage for cross-outskirt online business; notwithstanding, it is the biggest C2C web based business website in China and a spot to go for any dealer – enormous or little – endeavoring to offer to Chinese shoppers at a low beginning expense.

This article will investigate what you have to think about selling on Taobao.


Taobao is an online commercial center that works as indicated by C2C component, which means people and entrepreneurs can sell their items online through their own “stores” on Taobao.

Taobao is the world’s biggest web based business site and one of the main 10 most visited sites on the planet (as indicated by Alexa).

It has by a long shot more than 600 million month to month dynamic clients, in excess of 8 million stores, more than 1 billion item postings and records for almost 60% of the complete internet business deals in China. is principally known for its locally created clothing, adornments and embellishments, offered to working and white collar class Chinese. It’s China’s go to put for low to medium end shopper merchandise of various sorts.


On Tmall, customers trust to discover bona fide marked things, and even cross fringe items, dispatched legitimately from Hong Kong, Europe, Australia or the US.

Taobao, then again, is progressively about household Chinese brands, made for the local market.

Tmall, with its Tmall Worldwide stage, is additionally unquestionably progressively open to abroad and Hong Kong organizations, contrasted with – which is simply residential.

In the event that you need to begin in online business in China, at that point Taobao is the spot to go. Taobao has generally low start-up expenses and with some underlying info and powerful advertising, venders can accomplish high deals volumes.

Nonetheless, if your item requires a high level of trust where the purchaser needs to be guaranteed of value and willing to pay some extra, Tmall might be the spot to sell, yet be set up for noteworthy start-up expenses.

III. IS IT Conceivable TO SELL CROSS Fringe Items ON TAOBAO?

No, you can’t open a store being a non-Chinese organization.

Notwithstanding, you can open a Taobao store, in some item classes, on the off chance that you register an organization in China.

The necessities to arrangement an organization in China pursue beneath:

Business permit application

Office tenant agreement

International ID duplicates

You won’t most likely arrangement a postbox organization, utilizing a virtual office to have the option to sell on Taobao.

You have to really lease an office, implying that you should pay a store and a couple of months lease, before you can even apply for the business permit.

You will likewise need to open a financial balance in Territory China, that you later connect to your store.

Most outside possessed organizations in China go to the accompanying banks:


Bank of China

China Dealers Bank

As should be obvious, setting up an organization in China to sell on is, subsequently, a noteworthy duty – some time before you see your first deal.

Most offices charge around RMB 20,000 to 30,000 to enable you to enroll your business in China, and the application can without much of a stretch take as long as a half year.

Also, Chinese customers who are searching for remote items would for the most part incline toward different stages, for example, Tmall or JD… rather than Taobao.

Taobao is seen as increasingly a household internet business webpage for locally made items.

On the off chance that you are a shipper or a broker, you can collaborate with nearby accomplices to test how your items sell in China showcase through Taobao as it doesn’t require a ton of starting venture just as a thorough application procedure like different stages.

  1. Would i be able to Utilize A HONG KONG Organization TO SELL ON TAOBAO.COM?

While Hong Kong is a piece of China, it has its own lawful framework. Setting up an organization in Hong Kong is extremely simple, and should be possible while never visiting the nation.

In any case, necessitates that you set up an organization in Terrain China to sell on it, which is on an altogether unique level regarding intricacy and cost.

2. Installment MADE BY ALIPAY

Like Taobao, Alipay is an administration given by Alibaba gathering.

Alipay is usually utilized by Chinese shoppers not exclusively to shop on the web yet in addition to pay for a wide range of exchange in every day life.

On Taobao, the purchasers pay for the items with Alipay. At that point Alipay holds up until the items are generally welcomed by the purchasers before paying the merchants.

This framework ensures that the purchasers get the opportunity to get items free from any potential harm after exchanges.


You can make a Taobao account through the Taobao client enrollment page and go to the Dealer tab for you page to apply to open a Taobao store.

The 7 stages to open a Taobao store

Stage 1. Set up Taobao record and register as Vender

Stage 2. Interface record to Alipay

Stage 3. Complete recognizable proof verification

Stage 4. Make store, associate modules and set up Ali Wang (for Client Administration)

Stage 5. Configuration store

Stage 6. Transfer items (alluded to as “babies”)

Stage 7. Advance and market store and items

Stage 8. Connect with Taobao KOL

Shockingly, in the event that you don’t comprehend or peruse Chinese, at that point opening a Taobao store can be confounded in light of the fact that it is just accessible in Chinese. You should work with Chinese accomplices to enable you to explore through the set-up procedure.

Another decision for you is to sell through other Chinese dealers. There are a huge amount of little specialists that would most likely love to sell your items on their online shops. You should get in touch with them individually through the stage application to locate the perfect colleagues.

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