What You Must Know Before Using a Baby Carrier

What You Must Know Before Using a Baby Carrier

Using a baby carrier is one of the most comfortable ways to carry your child around. Besides being supportive, it gives you a chance to naturally bond with your baby. With a baby carrier, you can carry the young one along on adventures and get to enjoy the closeness. 

While its use comes with a list of benefits, you can hurt your baby if you don’t observe the necessary precautions. Therefore, you must know when to use it and how to use it safely. 

If you’re using a carrier for the first time, here are few things you need to know before getting one.

  • Do Your Research

It’s important to check out several carriers before you purchase one. You can visit a baby carrier store and try out a few varieties that they have, or consult a baby-wearing expert so that they can help you learn more about baby carriers. This will help you to narrow down your choices, and getting one won’t be hectic. From here, confirm whether your baby’s age, height, and weight meet the product’s guideline to ensure what you’re carrying home is perfect for your baby. You could also check the item’s safety review online to confirm whether it’s safe to use before buying it.

  • Size 

When it comes to baby-wearing, the size of the carrier matters. Note that, here, size isn’t based on the baby’s size, but rather a baby carrier is sized for the type of carrying you’d like to do – low or high. Normally, the sizing ranges between 2 and 9, with size 2 being shorter and 9 extremely long. Therefore, depending on the type of carrying you prefer, you should choose anything between size 2 and 9. However, if you find this confusing, it’s advisable to consult from an expert.

  • Age

Are baby carriers safe for newborns? Theoretically, babies can be carried in carriers as early as when they’re newborns. However, it’s not safe at all. Since their neck muscles aren’t strong enough to hold their head, they’re at risk of suffocation. The recommended age for a baby carrier is 5 months and above, but even at 5 months, if you feel your baby isn’t ready for it, just don’t use it – better safe than sorry. Moreover, if you’re not completely sure about it, you can see the pediatrician to advise you better.

  • Do Practice Before Using It

If you’re using a baby carrier for the first time, don’t rush to wear your baby in it. Instead, spend some time doing practice on how to use it until you become confident. If the instructions in the manual aren’t clear to you, you can invite a friend who is experienced in using a carrier to train you on how to use it safely. Once you’ve learned to use the carrier, practice with your baby, but ensure there’s someone around to help you do this until you’re sure that, you can do it by yourself.

Baby-wearing is fun and convenient for any mom. However, it’s important to know the dos and the don’ts before slipping your little one in that baby carrier. As you purchase your baby carrier online, you can look out for cheaper king single beds for sale online.

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